18 years old Voice Actress: Started(2021)Singer: Been joining choir classes and I’m more of a Soprano Singer

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About Jenna

My name is actually Jenna I am a GachaTuber making my own voice acting series. I got the name heart control Angel based on my oc in gacha.

My skills: Singing, Voice acting, Script writing and Character making

I just do these for a Hobby! 

Information about me: I am a 17 high school student who took Theater since Freshman year then joined Choir from Sophomore-Junior year. Then I soon started voice acting for 3 years now improving my Voice acting skills and hope to meet you all here on the way to the future.


I usually do my voice acting projects for (Volunteering and Free)

What Jenna is looking for

If you need a Voice Actor or Singer or both for unpaid projects(Only please)