Ask me not what thoughts lurk in the dark recesses of my mind, for not even I go there.

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On November 15th, 1975 the world was set on a collision course with its Fate…

At 8:08 pm on that fateful night, God gathered all the Heavenly hosts together, pointed down to a delivery room in Santa Rosa, California and asked, “Who let him out of his cage?!” And Jeremiah Linderman has been changing and challenging every system he has come up against ever since.

Growing up in North Central Florida turned him into a survivor, and set him on a natural course for military service. Jeremiah got to travel the world while in the Army, learning about different cultures. However during his almost 15 years of service, he never lost touch with his love of working in Theater.

Once retired from the military Jeremiah decided to return to his first love, making movies. Earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Film from Full Sail University, he has now set out to shake the very foundations of Hollywood.

As a writer, director, and sometimes actor, Jeremiah is intent on bringing his singular passion and vision to the world through the eye of a camera lens. His time in the Army gave him discipline and determination, and his time at Full Sail matched that with his drive and enthusiasm for telling stories through film.

Full Sail University - 2017

Bachelor's of Science in Film

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