Twitch streamer, anime/manga fan, Disney fan, Nickelodeon Fan, Cartoon Network, other types of fans, aspiring preteen - older teen novelist, etc. Is also known as JapanimationGirl and Joyousorrow. Twitch channel:

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About Paige

Paige Simora (aka JapanimationGirl and Joyousorrow (pronouns she/they) was born 3/20/1989 in N.Y. She/They has been doing voices ever since she was little with her dolls and plushies,

When Paige was 10 she taught herself Pikachu's voice, under 2 weeks in the summer. Yet she/They learned about voice acting at age 12 and has been into voice acting ever since. 

And has since wished to pursue it as a career (alongside singing and being a preteen to older teen novelist).

She/they still does an excellent Pikachu voice among various other imitations (Gatomon, Biyomon, Bubbles, Rini/Sailor Mini Moon, etc.)

Paige also has her/their own original character voices that she/they developed since she was/they were a child (pre-knowledge of voice acting).

Many of them are either based on/inspired by the characters she/they can imitate.

And/or characters she/they loved growing up.

Paige has participated in various voice-acting projects as well/ Fanfiction script reading, video games, abridged series, etc.

She's/They've voiced in script podcast readings of two Digimon fanfictions found through Spotify and Anchor:

A "Digimon Season 2/Adventure 02" fanfiction, "Kari's Missing Hope," as in Gatomon.

And a "Digimon [Season 1]/Digimon Adventure" fanfiction, "Second Chances For Sora," as an OC for it, Mokona.

The abridged series she played in was a series of her own creation:
Cardcaptor Sakura Abridged/Cardcaptors The Abridged Series (aka CCSA). Where she plays/they play as Sakura Avalon, Maddison Taylor, and various other voices:

(However, it's been on hiatus yet may be canceled)

Paige is also best known for her both her Pikachu Impression and "Pikachu English Voice."
Both of them have been heard often on her/their Twitch channel. Where she also live-reads her own stories with voice acts them out :D

... Even when she's not live-reading on stream (digital art livestreams... Paige does voice acting often on her stream for fun.

Her/Their Twitch TV channel is:

If you are interested in working with Paige, please contact her/them through DM on Discord or whisper on Twitch.