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Media Personality and Voice Actor

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About Garfunkel VO

I am a solo creator based in Ohio, USA. I studied video games and animation as a hobby in college, as well as getting a degree in media production. I am an amateur coder, and I write and voice act professionally. My most well-known side project is voicing Rengoku for the Anigomi YouTube Channel


Current rate is 30/hr for narration and commercial commissions, but my rates change on a case by case basis

What Garfunkel VO is looking for

Join projects that interest me and join teams of other talented creators so I can expand my skills and have fun!

  • @annagroelly

    Garfunkel was one of the last auditions I received, and I knew I wanted him the moment I listened to his recording. He has a grand, aged, rich bass-baritone acting voice that brings about a calmness and air of wisdom to the roles he is cast into. Whenever I call for lines, I can consistently look forward to Garfunkel being one of the first to turn in his lines, on time without fail, and with little to no errors in character or voice work. Confident and prestige in all that he does, I am hopeful he will be as much of an essential to other projects as he is to mine.