Jakkson Kobalt

About Jakkson Kobalt

I am a youtuber, twitch streamer, rap artist, and video game development hobbyist looking to make any of those 4 passions into a career that can actually make money.


As I am a beginner, I am fine for working for cheap, even free is the project is a passion for me. (like a friend's show, fan dubbing an anime or webcomic I am a fan of, etc.)

Though, my preferred rate would be about 20 dollars per hour of audio I send you for Voice Acting/Singing/Rapping. 60 dollars per hour of video I am supposed to edit for video editing. 

What Jakkson Kobalt is looking for

I am looking for entry level projects and looking to get experience and my name out there. I am looking to turn a couple of my hobbies into actual careers.