Hi, I'm Jake! I'm a professional voice actor. I'd like to describe my range as more in the middle rather than high or low, but I assure you I can fit into almost any project you need! If you like any of my performances, please let me know! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated :)

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About Jake_Vox

Ever since I was a kid, becoming a professional voice actor has been my dream. Like many kids, I grew up watching hours and hours of cartoons like SpongeBob, Adventure Time, and Gravity Falls. Hearing all of those talented voice actors bring those characters to life was magical, and I've always wanted to be able to voice a character that that makes someone smile. Every day I can feel myself getting closer and closer to this dream, and with your help, I can make it a reality :)

  • @titan1um-kitten

    Jake_Vox is not only a diligent and skilled actor, but he also possesses an exceptional work ethic. His outstanding portrayal of the lead character, Nolen Chance, in our FortShorts short film series was truly impressive. I wholeheartedly recommend him for his talent and commitment to his craft.

  • @sj-harris

    Jake is a very passionate and lovely dude with an incredible drive! <3