The Cat Warrior Is Back In Town! I'm a autistic Tokusatsu Fan for 17 years and still loving it.

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About Jaimiegirlz123x

Full Name: Jaimie Olivia Finkelstein

Age: 28

If you don't like my voice acting, then why are you listening to this?

Voice Acting Experience: 13 years

I have a life, so If I don't do anything at the time that you wanted, I'm sorry it might take me some time.

I'm pretty strict with some social media, but if you're my costar then I'll gladly follow you (except for my personal Facebook) Not anything inappropriate, just geeky related pictures, that's all 

Please understand my social anxiety, I can do the best as I can. 

I'm your Tokusatsu Girl! 

Voice Actress, Singer, Artist, and Creator of the Tokusatsu Fan Dub Series on Tumblr

I may be the creator of Tokusatsu Fan Dub Series, but I'm looking for Admins, audio editors, and video producers so I won't get stressed over so much of work.

I got other projects too outside of things so stick around for that :)

Here's something on how I make a good Tokusatsu Fan Dub --


Here are my roles for the fan dub that I'm portraying