Jadon H

Jadon H

New CastingCallClub member ready to act! I hope you'll have me as part of your project!

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About Jadon H

I'm a 20-year-old college student who's honing in my voice acting more as someone who used to frequently make video game song covers. (And still am to a degree, but nothing new has been posted yet.) For an idea of what my old work has been like, check out Jadon and Co. Covers! Of course, since they are older, some might not accurately reflect my abilities at present. In any case, I hope to help out with anyone's projects that I can in the realm of franchises I have a personal attachment to. I also write scripts for personal projects as well.

Microphone: Shure Beta 87A

Recording Space: Sound Cancelling Booth at Home

Video Editing Software: Vegas Pro 20

My vocal range is more around the higher side, but I can deepen it if I need to do a gruffer voice. (You can view the fandub I've been working on to get an idea of the different voice ranges I have in the "Demos and Samples" section. I also edited the script in several ways as opposed to its original airing as well as adding new sound effects and music.)


Honestly, I'm mainly here to voice act for fun, haha! Of course, if I did an actual paying project, that could vary. I guess I can worry about that if it ever happens.

What Jadon H is looking for

I'm mostly here to help out with projects regarding franchises I have a personal attachment to, but if anyone specifically asked me to help out with a role, I would be willing to see what it's about and possibly even join the project.