Versatile voice butter for commercial, animation, dubbing, radio, singing and wookie sounds. "Grrrarr." 😘

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About JACKthoseTACOS

  1. Demo Reel - YOU have more to think about, so let me take this off your plate. 

Most projects see a 48 hour or less turnaround. I'm exceedingly flexible to your needs and can promise a product you'll be proud of. REST EASY!


Vocal abilities include (but NOT limited to):

-Teen to elderly male

-Gravely soldier (think batman, but like... depressed?)

-Shadow Dragon Lord - Deep, throaty, growly tone

-Overly excited bug researcher (the way every bug pokemon trainer sounds in your head)

-Cruella's henchmen (from the animated movie)

-Master Roshi's cousin, Derek. 

Notable Stuff I'm supposed to tell you about:

-Featured voice on Sew Powerful Parables podcast

-20+ years as a vocalist performing jazz, r&b, soul, gospel, and pop.

-2014 John Lennon Songwriting comp. Finalist.

-09 Sweatshop Studios Facebook Idol

-Watched too many cartoons growing up

-Live event experience

-Hosts The Insomniacs Lounge - a peaceful brain space for anti-anxiety music and nostalgic warm fuzzies - twitch.tv/jackthosetacos  


Average rate for most projects: $48 hourly [we'll work out details together and land the plane in a space that fits well for the all of us 🤜🤛]

What JACKthoseTACOS is looking for

I can record, produce and edit spoken word and music. I compose as well.

Voicing animated characters is a dream of mine. (I want to freak my kids friends out with the voice of their fav cartoon or anime someday 🤣)