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About ItzSelAxy

ⳋ•꒰ Basic Information ꒱•ⳓ
Name: ZaeneviéVA
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight/Bi
Age: 15+
Character Age Range:  Child; Teen; Young Adult; Middle Age
Vocal Range: Low-Medium-High
Affiliates: JNA Studios, Fantazia

ⳋ•꒰ About Me ꒱•ⳓ
My name is ZaeneviéVA and I have been voice acting for a year and half. I am not going to settle and voice act straightly because of my room is still on renovation. I will settle on it when I have a stable room and peaceful environment to record. My hobbies are voice acting, singing, dancing, drawing arts, writing scripts/novels, reading historical/romance novels, animating and editing. I love puppies.

ⳋ•꒰ Before I Started ꒱•ⳓ
At the age of 7, I usually find myself imitating anime characters and write scripts my self then imagine that I am voicing it. I then found my passion for acting but because I am a shy and introvert girl, I can't get any confidence to try out until my friends invited me on a theatrical play. It turned out great but for me it's still not enough. Dec 2019, I found myself scrolling on voice acted roleplays such as Aphmau. I aspired to be like her voice actors and I thought why don't I practice and try out too? That's where my journey begin. 

ⳋ•꒰ Voice Range ꒱•ⳓ
It is important for people to know what my voice range is. So I can go as low as a normal boy voice can be and as high as a little girl can sound like. I mainly focus on medium-high pitched range because that is where I am comfortable. If you need me to do certain ranges such as deep/low or any range then feel free to tell me!

ⳋ•꒰ Contacts ꒱•ⳓ
You can contact me here!

Discord: 𒆜ZaeneviéVA𒆜#6391 (DetektivZae#6391)

Instagram: iNotZae

CCC: Private message me here!

Website: ZaeneviéVA