Isme Maslow

Isme Maslow

A content creator and VTuber who loves voice acting, narrative productions, and voice over!

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About Isme Maslow

My name is...

Isme Maslow, the Demon Doll VTuber!~

Any/All Pronouns <3

I'm an ENVtuber and I am here host the best parties this world has ever come to witness!~

Parties so fun- they're to DIE for~

I have done voice acting for well over 8 years and would love to do some work for you!

───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────


IsmeVT YT Channel - Skits, Comic Dubs, Other - Variety of Roles [2023-Present]


RG33 - Anime Skits - Kyojuro Rengoku (KNY), Sanemi Shinazugawa (KNY), Damien Desmond (Spy x Family), Wallace Wells (Scott Pilgrim) [2023-2024]


Exiled Productions - Anime Skits - Mahito (JJK), Gilgamesh (FGO) [2023-Present]


Julirunu - Variety Comic/Manga Dubs - Kishibe (Chainsaw Man), Denji (Chainsaw Man), Yuma Kokohead (MDA:RC), Sampo Koski (Honkai: Star Rail) [2023-Present]


Ceragon Dubs - Genshin Impact Comic Dubs - Tighnari (Genshin Impact) [2023-Present]


Backlight Studios - Honkai Star Rail/Genshin Impact Comic Dubs - Argenti (Honkai: Star Rail), Kaveh (Genshin Impact) [2024-Present]


YoFear - Anime Skits - Dot Barrett (Mashle) [2024-Present]




$15 - Hiring Fee!

$0.20 per word!

$1.10 per line!

Other prices will be discussed post contact!