Enthusiastic and young aspiring voice actress looking for experience!

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About infinite_indie_horror

Hey! My name is Isabel! And I'm an aspiring voice actress, singer, and songwriter. I'm 19 years old and am an upcoming freshman in college. I've had theater experience since my freshman year of high school. I've been taking piano lessons for 8 years, guitar lessons for 4 years and I play in a band! I am a singer, and am very passionate in the realm of music. I have been taking lessons for a year now. (I’ve been self-taught for 9 years.) I'm just looking for some experience before going into more... professional voice acting. ;)

Current (Active) Roles:

  • Undertale: Musicalized! - Assistant Project manager, Alphys, Monster Kid

  • Deltarune: The Musical- Toriel, Lyricist

  • Undertale: The Musical - Chorus

  • Deltarune Dub- Kris, Undyne

  • EradicateTale (Undertale AU)
    - Undyne

  • Deltarune Comic Dubs- Susie

  • Deltarune Unofficial Dub: Alphys, Catty

  • Undertale: The Musical* : Catty

I'm excited to be working with you!

Contact/Other Sites (Feel free to contact me! I like making new friends!)



My email is available upon request!


I will take anything you give me. I’m just doing this just for fun!

What infinite_indie_horror is looking for

I’m just looking for some experience in both project management and voice acting for other people so that I can eventually move onto more professional platforms! 

  • @pisca_catanya

    Isabel and I have been close friends for a while now, so she's sent me a lot of her auditions to proof before sending them off! I've gotten a good read on her abilities thanks to that. Even before she started here, I watched her perform in plays and practice solos- she came in first in a singing contest once! She's a great VA, a fantastic singer, an incredible musician and a brilliant artist. She's incredible at both pen and digital art, and she's always ready to learn more about any field of art. She's been cast for a main role in a play/musical 3 times now.
    Isabel is full of perseverance and hard work. No matter how long or hard a project is, you can rest assured knowing she'll do her best. She lives for this kind of work, and never lets stress get the best of her. And despite all her amazing skills and her incredible work ethic, she's one of the most kind and humble people you'll ever meet.
    Working with Isabel is a joy, and any project with her is sure to make your experience 100x better. It'll be obvious to anyone who gets to know her how all these things are true, and why it's so easy to be friends with her.

  • @lunamothmusic

    Really talented in both acting and music. She's helped me with my buffoonery of projects and impresses me every time