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About ImYourLeftFoot

Hello, my name is Lefty! I've been voice acting for a few years now, so I like to be more confident about it than I deserve! (That's... A joke, I've still got a lot to learn) Nowadays, I'm finishing my GED studies while I search for my next position!

(Psst, if you're ever looking for a long-term VA, I've got this particular need for jobs!)


At standard rate, I'll charge $50-75 Per recording hour.

I often make exceptions for small-budget projects, passion work, student films, and am happy to negotiate a price fair to your budget.

What ImYourLeftFoot is looking for

The end goal is to work in the video games industry. They are my passion, and sound is of such vital importance to me that I very much seek to take part in the creation of it.

If I can make something awesome that inspires other people to make awesome things, then I will have done my job.

  • @sleepiezzskaters

    Yo Lefty is actually pretty good at voice acting. Ive heard him in multiple calls, etc and his voice is both flexible and soothing. 

  • @xenn668

    I’ve known Lefty for around a year or two now, and I couldn’t recommend anyone better for a voice acting job. His voice is incredibly versatile, and is well suited for voice acting. He’s wonderful to work with, as well as being a great person. 

  • @DinoDinoDino9

    Left has. Good voice

  • @charmermemeryt

    Lefty is a very flexible person to work with. He voices Rick, a hot dog vendor in "Traitor: Ink Escapists". He has a very nice voice and I recommend him to your project(s). - Charmer