maya sizitchy

maya sizitchy

she/her 🩷in my silly goofy era 😎

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About maya sizitchy

Interests: I like to read tho i don't have much time for it anymore...i also love trying new bakeries and pastries!

Age: 15-20 I'm pretty young and don't feel comfy sharing my actual age 

Pronouns: She/Her

Languages: English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), French (Basic), Japanese (Basic), Mandarin (very little)

Accents: British, American (Texas, New Jersey, and West Coast), Indian, Spanish, Australian, Russian, and French

What I'm willing to do: Voice act, art, write, photoshop, and song write 

How to contact me: 

CCC- (this is what you're on) private messages

Discord- [ask for it]

Instagram- maya_sizitchy    (best way🩷)

Twitter- @sizitchy

 Email- [redacted]

Here's my site: (it has links to all my socials)


None! I'm free of charge!

What maya sizitchy is looking for

Nothing atm