Thank you for visiting my profile page! DM me on discord or message me here for any business inquiries.

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About iiEchoes


My name is Echo.

I'd be pleased to work with you, so for any business inquiries, you can message me here or DM me on discord.

Discord: iiEchoes#0250

My voice range is primarily in the alto range but can reach a few octaves higher, making me perfect for voicing all characters from strong heroines, evil characters or minor characters like a childhood best friend. I can bend my voice to fit any age range, making me the prime choice for your voice-acting requirements. I enjoy working with characters of any gender. 

Thank you for viewing my profile and considering me for your projects.

Again, it would be a pleasure to work with you.

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I'm currently not searching for paid projects, I'm looking only for experience with voice acting so that I can learn more from the trade, aiming to one day reach a more professional level. 

What iiEchoes is looking for

Currently, I am looking for projects that will build and strengthen my VA abilities. I am grateful and welcoming of all opportunities given to me. I hope one day to become a more professional VA and gain money from my works.

  • @rozory

    iiEchoes is an amazing VA who is currently casted in my project, Surviving Romance Fandub. She knows how to express great emotions for the characters she's given and sends in her lines on time! She's very kind and is nice to all the other cast members. She is for sure someone you should consider to cast for your project! ❤️