River Rose

River Rose

A storyteller excited to share their worlds with others is a good sign. It's asking for suggestions, criticism, and honest opinions on what could be their life's work or a silly idea at 3am during the crackhead energy hours. 

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About River Rose

My name is River, but please just refer to me as Riv. My pronouns are they/them, I'm 26 and live in Alberta, Canada

I am a classically trained dancer of many styles, a singer (though I have had no formal training), and an actor on stage and online. I've been writing stories of all kinds in several formats since I was a child, and my video editing skill has been in refinement since about 2013 on YouTube. Most of that doesn't help you, but I wanted to flex a little bit.

My vocal range when speaking is medium to high, as a singer I am comfortable as a mezzo-soprano, but I tend to lean more to the soprano side. I have written scripts of all kinds, from scripted series' to a one-act play, and have been complimented far more than I think I deserve. Together I have dubbed this collection of talents as storytelling, and I'm always looking to learn more and grow as a storyteller and person.

I'm just a big kid who likes to play pretend, be that through writing, acting, singing, heck I cosplay now... I thought that was beneath me as a youngster. I was wrong and missing out! I can't wait to see what becomes of this. 

~River xx


Discord: @riverrosevoice

Twitter: @riverrosevoice

Corina Beottger - 2024

Animation/Video Game Acting

Instructed by Corina Beottger

Industry Standard at $250 USD, but we can discuss depending on your budget