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Ya~hello! I'm an aspiring voice talent and audio engineer. I take pride in my efforts as a voice over artist by delivering top quality in reasonable time. Every step of the way through the recording process to the mixing and master of the track I'll strive for excellence and superb communication. I look forward to working with you all~!

I am told I make for a good secretive type voice. Something mysterious one could say. I have a young adult males voice slightly deep, but lacking low end rumble and reverb. In its natural setting it leans to the calmer side of things, but I can put inflection and hype into it to make it sound lively and less "drab" so to say.

Demos & Samples

Memories Of Holland - Hendrik Marsman (No Post Processing)

Memories of Holland read by me (John) with no post processing besides gain.

  • @yossarian22

    He's a great guy and an awesome voice actor, who delivers top quality in short time. He also shows a great empathy for his roles. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would do so again without hesitation.