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Hello's Here

I make music and videos on the internet.

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About Hello's Here

Hey there, I'm Hello, but my real name is Hunter if that's what you prefer. I used to do a lot of things on the internet involving my voice but have slowed down over the years, overall though I've been doing things with my voice for over 5 years now. I do things such as,

I've edited and made my own YouTube Videos. I made Reaction and Topic commentary in the past on a channel I grew to over 15k subscribers, now I make opinionated info pieces on a smaller channel, "Hello's Not Here". If you'd like to look at what I've done feel free to go to the link labeled YouTube.

I also make music and go by the name "Why4?!" It's not exactly to some people's liking but it's all for fun and you might like it so if you'd like to see that my SoundCloud is also in my links.

And lastly, I like to voice act. I figured for about 2 years now that I've loved watching animated shows (especially old cartoons/animes and animations on YouTube.) So I figured why not try it out myself? I've had a blast trying out and even getting a few parts that I've auditioned for and I hope to make this into a job someday.

Last but not least if you ever want to contact me feel free to message me on my discord | @helloshere

  • @louimezdez

    Hello’s a very amazing and talented voice actor! His emotions are amazing, and his timing for line deadlines are perfect! I haven’t had a lot of conversations with him yet due to busyness and hard work but from what i have spoke to him, he is a very nice person and he is a great guy. I recommend you add him as he will make your project so much better!!

  • @mackiebunns

    He’s a great voice actor and a great guy, helped me out with my own video editing as well as giving me super emotional voice lines for my series. He’s overall just a pretty chill dude, and I really recommend him!