A loud Southeast Asian voice actor.

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About hellVAsta

Hello! I'm a new voice actor that's starting out and have been having a blast of a time auditioning. PM through CCC if you want to talk about projects and all that good stuffs. 

Also, I'm upgrading my equipment soon so I'm pretty stoked for that.

Closing Credits - 2023

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Joe Goeffeny

As of right now, I'm very much interested in broadening my horizons with unpaid work. However, the pricing for my work will be dependent on the amount of lines given and the deadlines for me to send the audio files. 

What hellVAsta is looking for

Video games, anime, visual novels, audio dramas, you name it! I'll do it. 
(NSFW is pretty much "discussable" but I'd rather avoid it.)