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About HeathVanBern

Names Heath, i am 22 Years old, from Germany.

I love Movies and Video Games ever since i was a little kid and re-enacted my favourite scenes ever since. My first role so to speak was in a play in elementary school where i was the Wolf in "The Wolf and the 7 little Kids" which is a very fond memory since i adore fairy tails as long as i can remember. Later when we graduated i got to play a teacher in a fun little skit we did there.

Middle school was sadly less enjoyable, our school didn't offer anything in this direction, outside of one play, when we had a school festival and i kind of wasted most of my freetime. Still i got to be the Narrator in our school play of "King Midas" as well as one of Bacchus servants. And we did an awesome dance number when we graduated middle school. Alltough my dancing isn't the finest it was much fun. I did find a way to use my performance energy in some way during presentations though. Those were pretty popular and i loved doing them.

In Highschool i had the possiblity to choose acting as actual class instead of Music and Arts, which i of course did. That was by far my favourite subject and i was pretty good in it. I even did my oral exam, i needed to do to graduate in this subject, which was two thirds practical and one third theory and i'm pretty proud of the A i got there.

After school i worked in various places, i worked at a local Movie Company, a bookstore and more. At the moment i'm studying Informatics and i try to get into my universitys Theater Club.

I did some YouTube Projects, when i was in High School. A friend of mine had a Fire Emblem related channel, where we did mostly Facts and Top 10 Videos. 

And at the Moment i am part of some small German Projects:
A Paper Mario Walktrough without commentary but with voiced characters and special effects. We're not that many people so i'm voicing quite a few characters.
An Audiobook about a bunch of people who try to earn their way to paradise, called The Death Corp, where i voice the deceased Showman Robin Creato.