I’m animator and voice actress! Ask me to voice act! I love VA, and I have no problem with this! I'm just using my phone now. This Facebook is really Scratch. I had few roles im few un-official works (  I mean creations ).

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Call me Lidi or Heart.


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I am 1* years old girl. I’m animator and voice actor! If want, I can voice act. I have little girl voice. Or just like this. I’m…but I can speak english. In near future I’ll have channel on YT. I’m creating my own series. It calls „Eeveedyssey”, and I need voice actor to it! I’m @Star_Eevee fan. 


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I love Eeveelutions, and my Inspiration is StarEevee! Her series, „Eeveelution Quest” is the best! So that why, I create „Eeveedyssey”. I have few characters without voice actors. Why? Because, voice actors who I have is me and mine BFF...and we're girls…so that is a problem. So many characters…



Do not trace my characters without my permission and credits. :c


🍁Informations to you!🍁

I’m using my phone! X3 

Guys, I’m not profesionalist…

I have…a lot characters without voice actors! You can check out it here: 

Episodes 1,2 & 3:

(This isn’t actual,but ok…:

EP.4 (pt2.):


I didn’t. Free! (but if you want, ok?)

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I’m voice actress, and I’m creating my own series and I need voice actors…