Harriot Park(Luna)

Harriot Park(Luna)

From South Korea. Can do voice acting in Korean, English, and Japanese! ※ I can do voice acting from March, 2024! ※Discord: harryluna

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About Harriot Park(Luna)

25, female

was an English tutor in South Korea. I do voice acting for fun and I'd love to work all of the talented people around here!

I can do Korean, Japanese, and English voice acting.

My voice variations are

mid, boyish like Ciel from Black Butler

mid, but a bit bratty like Jolyne Cujo from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure

a bit high, kind of cute boy

or a very high voice like 'uwu oniichan' kind of voice.

Chugye University For Arts - 2018

Creative Writing

Instructed by Chan Ill Park

I learned about Nietzsche, Goethe, and some acting skills for plays such as Faust.


If you give me the lines I'll see through it and at least I want minimum wages per time. I'll be glad to talk about it.

What Harriot Park(Luna) is looking for

I'd love to dub some cartoons, audio books, Youtube videos even!