We are here to have a good time and enjoy the projects we all come up with whether it would be: Fandub, Abridged, SpecialComic, etc!! Thank you for working with me and welcome aboard!

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About AngelinaMDubs

 Our studio/channel is called AngelinaMDubs. I am currently studying directing movies in college as an extra curricular. I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting abridged series today. I hope to gain a learning experience for each project I work on and post.

Here are some videos I have worked on getting ready for this Abridged Series:

Trailer Introductiom Haikyuu Abridged Series 

Haikyuu Abridged Clip 

Trsukishima Dub

Miya Twins Dub

Haikyuu Trailer Clip Featuring Miya Twins

Kenma The Twink

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