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About Caleb

Working in the film business for the last 10 years, Caleb has helped produce 3 feature films, numerous shorts, and has participated both behind and in front of the camera.

Taking a step back from the live action, Caleb is diving into the world of animation with his first animated project, Beyond Horizon, an expansive space opera following a well rounded cast of characters trying to stop an apocalypse of Universal proportion.

  • @seddon4494

    Caleb provided brilliant voice acting for my mod project. Both his audio quality and his delivery were fantastic, the professional quality of which was universally praised by those who played the mod.
    - Seddon4494

  • @riceguyartandvoice

    Great Direction, Astounding Writing, Wonderful to Work With!

    Caleb was an absolute pleasure to work with. I'm extremely grateful to have been brought onto his project, not only was he very welcoming and clear in his direction, he was also very understanding of our time and well organized. Which, made the project all the more fun! The script was astounding and well-written, and it was clear he's extremely passionate about what he does. I would definitely work with him again, highly recommend!

  • @emma-lanners

    Caleb is very professional and a pleasure to work with. He made sure we all could be together for a table read online, and that's always a HUGE help to the cast. His direction and adjustments were always very clear and easy to follow. Although my acting part was small, I'm emotionally invested in this project now because his script was just THAT good. I would be more than happy to work with Caleb again.

  • @hp_bar

    Clear and Precise Directions with Great Organization

    Working on this project with Caleb was a great pleasure, with his clear direction and excellent organization. I was not only able to understand what adjustments I needed to make, but also get a better idea about my character's position within the world of his project. The table read he organized was extremely beneficial in helping the cast get a feel for their characters and he was very understanding of everyone's schedules. I highly recommend Caleb and would be quite willing to work with him again!