Good Talker

Good Talker

An aspiring Voice Actor who is formally studying in acting craft and involved in student films.

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About Good Talker

Trying to put my foot in the door. I am an amateur voice actor who has a lot to learn. My experience consists of student film work, theatrical stage productions, and small time voice acting work. I have a passion for using my voice and pouring emotions/energy into my work. I am a huge fan of tabletop roleplaying games and improv, and as such I can work on my feet and quickly adjust. 

California State University Long Beach - 2023

Advanced Acting

Instructed by Hugh O'Gorman

An Advanced Acting class for the working Actor. Techniques to improve the professional approach towards living truthfully in imaginary circumstances. 

California State University San Bernardino - 2021

Intermediate Acting

Instructed by Terry Donovan Smith

An Introductory Acting Course for Student Actors. Fundamental Acting skills are built upon with modern industry standards and an appreciation for contemporary arts. 


I am a trained actor looking to rack up professional work under my belt and as such we can negotiate an equal rate of exchange for my time, but will happily accept simply exposure as compensation enough if the situation feels right.

What Good Talker is looking for

I am looking to lend my voice to the talent pool for projects here. I am looking for feedback and direction as I go and so I appreciate criticism and can adapt.