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About GLM Animations

I'm a solo Gacha Creator, who enjoys writing original stories. 

I also know how to do different voice impressions, for example, I can do a good Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Kermit the Frog, Sans, Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch", Golem, and among other voices. So, if you need a male voice actor who can do pretty deep voices, and, depending on pitch, most medium and some high voices.

Feel free to message me about any project you want me to do. Nothing is too big or small!

Here's my email if you wanna get in touch about current projects:

jcbstudiosyt (Ignore the space.)


I'll do anything. Just looking more for experience as far as writing and storyboarding

What GLM Animations is looking for

I don't have as much freetime as before, but I'd be happy to help with any writing or storyboarding project