Hello everyone, I'm Gioia! I have a great passion for video editing and writing since childhood and I'm expressing it in my works.

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About Gioia



Editing samples:

  1. Two awards winner AnimeMusicVideo: "Runnin' || Go! Princess Pretty Cure AMV"

  2. Fourty minutes long visual novel piece for which I've fixed the screen lenght for each line adding them and the sound effects (commissioned)

  3. Various complex editing to music samples 

Writing sample:


                                                                 R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C E  S

Main references for the video editing category:

Main references for the writing category:

Main references for the audio mixing category:

  • Experience in mixing voices, music and sound effects (sample)


Feel free to contact me even just for info, I'm happy to listen to your even specific needs and work with you!

(my amazing profile pic is drawn by @acebean2020 on Instagram)

you may be interested in checking out my old profile (active since 2018):


I'm free to discuss pricing with you personally taking into consideration what you exactly need.

What Gioia is looking for

I'm free to discuss whatever type of video editing or writing piece you need.

  • @sketchicalanimation

    We worked together on the scripts of the future Youtube series "Feathers of friendship". It was a very nice experience. You are a very creative writer who is full with blooming ideas. You also pay close attention to quality and accuracy and I am happy to be able to work with you!