Theatre-trained actor seeking to branch into voiceover.

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About GioDeLeoTheVO

Welcome! I'm an actor based in Queens, New York. 

Please note that I currently work Tuesdays-Saturdays, 9 AM to 5 PM EST. 


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Vocal Register

  • My vocal register is medium-high for men--think Richard Schiff, Steve Buscemi, Elijah Wood. 
  • I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Theater from Queens College with a focus in stage acting. The training was a patchwork of Lee Strasberg's sense memory and Stella Adler's development of the "whats" and "whys" of the character and how their circumstances affect their inner lives and thought processes. I was cast in 5 mainstage productions, and 3 student productions during my tenure from 2014-2019.

Queens College - 2014

Acting 1

Instructed by Stephen Rowe

Basic character work--creating a character, developing a rich inner life.

Queens College - 2015

Acting 2

Instructed by Claudia Feldstein

Deeper scene work--learning about objectives, actions, and obstacles to enrich the circumstances of the scene.

Queens College - 2017

Acting 3

Instructed by Claudia Feldstein

Deeper scene work--reading through the script of the entire play to contextualize the scene onstage. Extensive character work and influence of outside/personal effects to make the circumstances more real, relatable to the actor.

Queens College - 2019

Physical Training for the Actor

Instructed by Susan Einhorn

Focused on outside-in methods of developing the physical attributes of the character and how that informs their choices throughout the scene. Performers are expected to inform their physical movements based on their interpretation of the scene.

Queens College - 2018

Acting 4

Instructed by Susan Einhorn

Offered by invitation only. The most advanced course for students in the Drama program. Students are expected to set scenes with personal effects from home, as well as rehearse and perform character work in between sessions. In-class work is critiqued and then re-rehearsed to make improvements.

Queens College - 2019

Business of Acting

Instructed by Christopher Dolman

Performers enrolled are taught about booking auditions, establishing a professional dynamic with potential agents, casting directors, how to use online performance resources to look into auditions. Actors are asked to think about their "type," and how to play into that type as a strength.

What GioDeLeoTheVO is looking for

Frankly, I'm open to anything. That being said, I'm a video game nerd, so I would say I have a bias that leans towards that. Regardless, if I'm a good fit, I'm happy to lend my services.