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Bebok Sounds

Voice Actor, Voice Director, Sound Designer and Composer. E-mail: [email protected]

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About Bebok Sounds

Hey, I'm Bebok, I've been doing voices, sounds, music and etc. professionally since 2020.

You might have heard my creations in fe.:

- Gothic: Chronicles of Archolos - Lead Sound Design,
- Legion TD 2 - Voice Acting, Sound Design and Voice Directing,
- Pandemic Train - Music Composition and Lead Sound Design,

If you need quality and original audio assets I'm your guy, for more info or sound/ music demos visit my portfolio or message me on discord.

More Demos and etc:

Discord: beboksounds

Silesian University - 2021

Music in Multimedia

Instructed by

Bachelor of Arts Degree, in a class of “Music in Mulimedia”

Public Music School - 2015

Pipe Organ and Piano Class

Instructed by

Classical education in composition, improvisation and expertise on Pipe Organ and Piano


Voice Acting and Design
3€ per verse,

Monster Noises, Roars and etc.20€ designing a voice for a singular monster, recording in this price up to 20 sounds.
Additional work on beasts varies on the sounds needed, around 40€ for extra hours of work.

100€ per minute of composed music(up to 10 intsruments) 
15€ per additional instrument

Transcription and sheet music:
50€ for score to my music
100€ transcription or rearrangement of someone else's music

Sound Design 
1€ per small sounds (footsteps, UI and etc.)
5€ per more complicated sounds,
25€ per minute of ambient, looped, natural or synthetic.

What Bebok Sounds is looking for

I'm looking for paid work, I do not work for free, unless the project interests me a lot. I feel very comfortable in fantasy, horror, sci fi and etc.

  • @xpertjerry

    Amazing voice! When we communicated, when I had trouble trying to explain what kind of voice I wanted, he tried his best to understand, and when I was busy, he was extremely patient and provided me with his best effort, would recommend him to anyone!

  • @manshey

    Did the work fast and well. Delivered all necessary components with the correct formatting and everything. Can't ask for more!

  • @manuelb

    Fast and realiable. His sound engineering skills proved very useful!