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About GarrettLaughs

20+ years experience as a preforming and studio musician. I have done work in film for ADR and foley. Running Apollo by Universal Audio interface and primarily use AKG C414 for my voice. I have a variety of other microphone for different applications. 

Los Medanos College - 2005

Recording Studio Arts

Instructed by Frank Dorritie

2 year program in recording studio arts and sound reinforcement with 1 year as intern / teacher assistant.


***One Minute of finished audio = 160 Words***

0 – 5 Minutes finished audio (800 words) = $225.00

After the first 5 minutes:

$30.00 per min. up to 40 minutes.

$25.00 per minute 40 – 60 minutes

$20.00 per min. 60 minutes and over.

The 5 minute minimum includes:

A) The buy-out (ownership) of the audio.

B) Studio time to record and edit the audio, using professional recoding gear and software Studio time (included in the rate) is calculated @ $150.00 an hour.

C) Minor revisions within 30 days post delivery.

Mixing and mastering @ $150 an hour


What GarrettLaughs is looking for

I am looking for work in any genre that fits my skills, podcast, film, commercials, radio. If my voice fits or you need my expertise in audio production.