Voice-Over Talent and Actor.

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Jae has been working as an actor and voice over talent since 2015. Whether you need a charismatic villain, a narration for an audio book, podcast, or video essay, even a unique video game character. Jae's versatility, distinctive voice and dynamic range will bring your next project to life.

Whether you need a voice over for:

Narration, Video Games, Commercials, Film and TV, Animation, Youtube video essays, Podcast Intros/Outros, or anything else you could think of that needs a strong and confident sound.


  • Voice Range: Low - Medium

  • Language: English

  • Accent: American Midwest, Korean


  • Vocal Recording

  • Voiceover Narration

  • Commercial Voice-overs

  • Diction and elocution

  • Consistent energy, articulation, pitch control and characterization

  • Emotional range

  • Studio sessions

  • Group sessions

  • Improv/Ad Lib

  • Verbal Storytelling

  • Video Game Recording

  • Podcast Recording

  • Audio Mixing and Mastering

Audio Production


  • Microphone: SE2200

  • Audio Interface/Preamp: Focusrite 2i2 3rd Generation

  • C2 Isolation Cage



  • Ox Sadler in D.E.R.P. Online by The Lyosacks

  • Ox Sadler in The Mazer Arc by The Lyosacks

  • Red Leader in The Jade Dynasty by KingSangos

  • Tony Stark in Toon a Thon by The Lyosacks

  • Dr. Jasper Grove in Alpha Omega Chronicles by The Lyosacks

  • Dare in FNAF: Fetch By Elementia Studios

  • Primary Commander Bradson in MAN'S LAST DAYS - Ultrakill Short Film

  • Rum in Our Story So Far by Pinecone Studios

  • Momoi Tarou (Don Momotaro) in Donbrothers Abridged (One Shot) - (In Production)

Audio Drama

  • Desmond in Nexus Season 1 by Sharks and Kings Productions (Now Airing)

  • Ivar Myles in The Purgatorians by Serenity Solo Studios (In Production)


  • Lead Vocals in Down For It by Tazer

  • Lead Vocals in CHOKE by GameJae

  • Lead Vocals in VAINITY by GameJae

  • Lead Vocals in G-$hit by Rum


  • Fight Chorographer in True Grace by Puissant Productions

  • Camera Assistant in Fireworks by Baoni Ma

  • Lee's Dad in Hadaway by Daniel Hansom

  • Tom in "Lillian" By Yige Tan (In Production)

Hosting & Presenting

  • Co Host in Black Media Podcast by Blackout Media

  • Co Host in GNN Podcast by Cobra TV

  • Co Host in The Landing Zone by Legacy Zero

  • Co Host in Across The Pond by Rum and Roshu

Video Games
  • Detective Scratch n Sniff in Four Steps to Adventure (in production)

Audio Books
  • A Little Boy's Blues by Stacy Lamar King


ALL projects will require payment negotiations

What GAMEJAE is looking for

As a freelance Voice Over Talent and Actor, I am here to provide my services for anyone who hires me.