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About SolarAxis


|°•★ Introduction ★•°|

Hiya! I'm Galaxis. You may call me Laxis, Axis, or even Solar. I am a self taught voice actress, singer, and artist. I also have YouTube Channel called SolarAxis_YT. I enjoy posting gacha related videos and I also enjoy story writing. I enjoy making voice acted gacha movies or series. So if you're interested in voice acting, please drop by my page sometime, I might be working on a new project in need of voice actors (✯ᴗ✯)

✨🌟For more Information about my voice work please read the information below🌟✨

|°•★ Information ★•°|

×{✯ Age : 13+

×{✯ Birthday : 3rd October

×{✯ Started Voice Acting : 14 Jan 2021

×{✯ Vocal Range : Medium-low to Medium-High

×{✯ Age Ranges: Kid to Young Adult

×{✯ Extra Information : 

•★ I am a self taught voice actress and singer. I am still very far from good in voice acting, but I look forward to keep improving. I hope you enjoy my work and support me on my journey. 

•★ Other than voice acting, I am also a self taught artist and gacha animator. I started drawing at a young age and been practicing for a long time. I also do screenshot animations and tweening with gacha club, not frame by frame. I do accept offers for a gacha animating opportunity from time to time.

•★ Lastly I'm also a gachatuber, I enjoy posting gacha related videos and voice acted gacha projects. If your interested in voice acting and looking for projects, please check my page from time to time, I might be working on a new project in need of voice actors.

I will NOT participate in any NSFW or HATEFUL projects

|°•★ Want to hire me? ★•°|

×{✯ Please send me a summary/description of the story/project

×{✯ The characters description, personality, age, voice type, importance of the character and also include an image of the character

×{✯ Is it a long term or short term project?

×{✯ Examples of your work (Previous projects or videos you've made before)

×{✯ Where you will post the final product, please send me a link (E.g. YouTube, link to YouTube channel)

✨🌟 Please contact me through discord DM's, CCC, or Instagram (contact information is down below)🌟✨

|°•★ Contact Information ★•°|

×{✯ YouTube : SolarAxis_YT

×{✯ Instagram : solaraxis.ig

×{✯ Discord : ~•Galaxis VA•~#8071

×{✯ Link Tree : GalaxisVA

- 2021

Instructed by

I am in middle school and I am self taught in voice acting, singing, drawing, etc.


I currently work for free

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