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My name is Jessica Fink, I'm 21 years old, and I started voice acting when I was 10. I currently attend University of Northern Colorado for Musical Theatre, and will graduate in May 2024. 

University of Northern Colorado - 2023

Audition Techniques

Instructed by Josh Chenard

Covers various aspects of audition techniques units include a selection of material, preparing and presenting additions, résumé picture, preparation‘s, and guest instructor information and integral part of your professional journey. Audition should be thought of as many opportunities for you as artist to present your work connect and share your unique points of you let this course serve as a supportive laboratory in which to foster that spirit. 

University of Northern Colorado - 2022

Song Analysis 1-3

Instructed by Ryan Driscoll

This course (the third and final of a three-semester progression for musical theatre majors) is a continuation of the process and work introduced in MT 275 and furthered in MT 276. This course is both a voice and acting course where the student is expected to apply the techniques they have learned in the voice studio in the previous year into a performance setting and understand why healthy vocal technique is necessary and essential to truthfully live in an imaginary circumstance. Much work and practice outside of the classroom—both in vocal preparation and dramatic preparation—is expected from the student in this course. In addition to this work, the student will be required to independently research material and writing teams set forth in the repertoire requirements below, thereby gaining more understanding of the musical theatre artform and gaining a greater knowledge of various writers and their contributions (both positive and sometimes controversial) to the craft.

The Musical Theatre Song Analysis courses for this program should be considered a series of three courses that progressively move the student through various eras and vocal styles of the musical theatre canon. Song Analysis I focused on material written prior to the premier of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! which ushered in the dawn of the modern American musical. Song Analysis II focused on repertoire written from 1943 through the 1970’s exploring the “Golden Age” of musical theatre. This course, Song Analysis III will conclude with repertoire of the contemporary musical theatre era from the end of the 20th Century to the present day.

The three Song Analysis courses are specifically designed to introduce material in a progressive format for the student; both vocally and from an acting perspective. In Song Analysis I, students will be working on repertoire that is more conducive to young singers still mastering basic vocal technique. From a dramatic perspective, the repertoire written by early writing teams does not have as many dramatic or circumstantial constraints tied to the material, allowing students to explore their imagination and dramatic voice in a broader and more personal way without having significant plot tied to the song. As the student masters the process of dramatic and vocal communication, the remaining courses allow for the introduction of more challenging repertoire, both circumstantially and vocally. This progression also allows incorporation of contemporary music theatre repertoire in the third semester but introduces it at a point in the students’ education when they are ready to take on the vocal and dramatic responsibilities of the material.


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