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I want to be able to create Youtube videos in the near future, mostly 2D animation and video gaming (maybe baking & cooking!)

I have a writing preview of a current project, (It's in Star Wars);

"I at least understood half of their conversation." A girl mumbled as she crawled around in the vents, looking for the exit. "Hey Kai, I overheard the senator talking to someone about some kind of plan that has to do with the old senate building!" She whispered. "Kit, can you give me one good reason why you turned the comlink off?!" Kai yelled. Startled by his abrupt outburst, Kit loudly whispered, "Shh!" "Kai, be quiet!" "You're gonna get me caught!"

As she crawled faster, she heard a deep voice say, "What was that?" Her heart pounding, she crawled ever so quietly towards the exit, only to be stopped by the red glow of a lightsaber slicing right behind her. Going as fast as she could, she made a break for the exit before she was caught, dropping a few armed bombs behind her, she kicked open the vent, leaping out and then hitting the detonator, a loud 💥BOOM!💥 then went off, blowing the entire building into rubble. As she ran, she saw the man who was in fact one of the Inquisitors who attacked her on spotting her in the distance,then he yelled to the other two Inquisitors, "Go after her!" "Why I can't contact Kit?!" Kai asked worriedly. "Kai?" "Kai!" Kit yelled. "I need a pickup, now!" She yelled, while still trying to outrun the Inquisitors after her. "Where are you Kit?!" Kai yelled. "And do you know how worried I was?!" Kai yelled, "I-" Kit cut him off saying, "Kai, Focus!" "I'm heading to the clearing in the forest, but I have two Inquisitors on my tail!" She yelled over the sounds of lightsabers clashing against large trees and mossy rocks. Out of breath, she yelled,"Kai, hurry!" "I'm on my way!" "Hang in there!" Kai replied. "I have to go into the Eclipse to help Kit, and there's a large crowd right in front of the place where Ashi landed it!" Kai muttered impatiently as he shuffled through the crowd that had gathered to watch a street performer. "Finally!" Kai said as he ran into the ship and started it up. "Kai, why are you back so quickly?" "And where's Kit?" Ashi asked. "Also, It's my job to pilot the Eclipse, and you're not the best pilot you know." Ashi said jokingly. Just then, Vaa'nu walked into the cockpit. "Uhh, what's-" "Kit's in trouble and she's being chased by two Inquisitors." Kai replied quickly, cutting Vaa'nu off mid sentence,"We need to go to the clearing in the forest for a pickup. Kai said. "Okay then!" Ashi said, "Let's get going boys!" She yelled, starting up the ship. "Woah!" Vaa'nu and Kai yelled as they were flung to the wall. "Jeez Ashi!" Vaa'nu yelled, grabbing the chair like his life depended on it. "At least let us put on our seatbelts first!" Kai chimed in, getting thrown around like a sack doll.

As she ran to the clearing, she heard a loud 💨WHOOSH!💨 from overhead. "The Eclipse!" She said, when suddenly she heard the sound of a rapidly approaching spinning lightsaber coming from one of the two Inquisitors. Instinctively, she grabbed her lightsaber and did a backflip over the lightsaber behind her and sliced the Inquisitors' lightsaber directly in half, destroying the kyber crystals inside. "That's one down, one more to go." she thought. She then pulled out her two mandalorian beskar blasters and begun firing plasma bullets towards the two Inquisitors, taking down the one who lost their lightsaber, and the other blocked the all but one bullet which scraped their leg, Kit quickly noticed and pulled back out her lightsaber,she set it to dual blade mode therefore activating the second blade and extending the handle slightly. Then with a smirk she said, "Let's get this over with, shall we?"

"You were trained very well, but not well enough to save you." The Inquisitor replied gruffly.

"It seems we must appoint a new senator in their place master." The Grand Inquisitor said. "Who is responsible for this?" A mysterious voice asked. "A young jedi padawan, who wears mandalorian armor custom painted to have a fire pattern, and calls themself 'Flame', however we have not yet seen their face." The Grand Inquisitor replied. "Hmm, bring this 'Flame' to me." "I want them alive." The mysterious voice said in a chilling tone. "At once." The Grand Inquisitor replied. "Have you located the padawan?" The Grand Inquisitor asked. "Yes, I have." The Inquisitor replied. "Good, bring them to me alive."The Grand Inquisitor ordered, "Do not harm them, they may be of great help to us and to our cause."

"My master wants you alive." The Inquisitor said. "Well that's terrific, but I don't think you're gonna be able to bring me to your master or to anyone." Kit said sarcastically, going into an attack stance. "That is very unfortunate... for you." The Inquisitor replied igniting his lightsaber with a evil grin, as he also went into battle stance. They both lunged forwards, the Inquisitor attacking with two handed powerful blows, as Kit used her defense, and his offense to her advantage, tiring him out quickly as he tried to attack only with powerful strikes that used much of his energy, she easily blocked his attacks, and when she felt he was too weak to block a strong hit, she powerfully swung her lightsaber. As he tried to block, she pushed harder, overpowering him in his tired state, and she cut off his left arm and sliced his lightsaber in half with one powerful strike of her saber. "Told you that you wouldn't be able to take me down." She said with a grin. "Don't underestimate me next time." She said as she walked aboard the Eclipse. Once inside and mid-flight, Kai asked, "Kit, why did you let him live if he'll probably try to kill you later?" Kit responded, "Kai, please just don't spoil my moment, you fun-moment-ruiner." "Hey!" Kai yelled angrily, "I'm just being realistic!" Kai frowned saying, "And I do not ruin fun moments!" "You kind of do Kai." Said Vaa'nu. "Not you too!" Kai moaned. "Just sometimes!" Vaa'nu said defensively whilst shrugging his shoulders. "Kai be quiet back there!" Ashi yelled angrily. "Cool it you three, we have company!" Rel yelled from the cockpit. "Great, this is just perfect." Kit mumbled. "I'll get the nose gun!" Kit yelled. "I'll take the tail gun!" Vaa'nu said as he ran towards the back of the ship. "I'll set the coordinates for the hyperdrive!" Yelled Kai as he went running into the cockpit. Kit, who had just went into the nose gun, spotted three TIE fighters heading towards the back of the ship and said, "Vaa'nu, you've got three fighters coming up on your six!" "Got them, thanks for the heads up Kit!" Vaa'nu said.

"You're welcome, but we've got more TIEs incoming!" Kit yelled. "Guys, buckle up cause we're going into hyperspace!" Kai yelled. "Great job Kai and AD-41!" Ashi said, "Let's get out of here!" As they were in hyperspace, Kit said, "Hey, I mean at least we know what's gonna happen to the old senate building." "I guess so, but still, why did you have to destroy the entire building?" Kai said. "Yeah, that's really just a waste of our thermal detonators Kit." Rel agreed. "Uhm, hello?" "Do you not know how many Inquisitors I took down with that explosion?" Kit asked. "I killed five inquisitors that were inside, and the other three were able to get out, one I don't know where he went, but the other two, one I killed, and the other one got his lightsaber destroyed and his arm cut off!" Kit said proudly, "I think I did a pretty good job." "Yeah, that's amazing but you still left two, and what if he saw your face?" Rel said. "Actually, what do you even look like without your helmet?"

Kai asked. "Ahem!" Vaa'nu interrupted. "Don't you think that's a little rude Kai?" Vaa'nu said. Before Kai could reply, Vaa'nu asked, "So Kit, where are you from?" Kit answered, "Oh well, you know, just a planet like the rest of yours." "Yeah, but where exactly?" Vaa'nu ventured. "I-" Kai cut her off saying, "Wait, so my question was rude and your question isn't?!" As Vaa'nu and Kai argued, Kit slipped away by turning invisible and walking right past them. "So, so sour." Rel coughed. Kai and Vaa'nu laughed at her reaction to eating some weird concoction they made in the kitchen.

"What's going on here?" Kit asked as she walked back into the room five minutes later , "And why is Rel coughing?"

The boys just laughed even harder until they couldn't breathe.

"I'm glad we got shopping duty." Kit said jokingly. "At least we don't have to deal with the boys again." Ashi said smiling. "Look Ashi, they have some meilooruns for sale!" Kit said whilst pointing towards the shop. "We'll take a bushel please." Ashi said.

"I can assure you master, I will not fail again." The Inquisitor said. "I know." The Grand Inquisitor replied as he stabbed the Inquisitor. "From this moment forward, any and all insubordination shall be punished, by death." The Grand Inquisitor said, addressing the room full of Inquisitors. "Now go!" He said, "And bring me the padawan alive."

"Vaa'nu!" Kit yelled from underneath the control panel, "Can you pass me the wrench so I can secure the bolts?" "Which one?" He yelled back. "The whatcha-ma-call-it, whatever, just pass me the bigger one!" Kit replied. "Here you go!" Vaa'nu said, tossing it underneath. "Ow!" Kit yelled, as she got hit in the head with the socket wrench. "Hey, watch where you drop things Vaa'nu!" Kit yelled angrily. "Sorry!" Vaa'nu said. "Jeez." He mumbled. "Hey guys, Ashi just finished fixing the nose gun calibrator sensors, how's your job going?" Kai said as he walked into the room. "I just finished the last of the repairs on the main system and I re-tightened all the plasma bolts." Kit replied. "Are there any more meilooruns left in the kitchen?" Vaa'nu asked. "Yeah, but Rel's in there, and I think she's still pretty mad at us for giving her that sour paste thing!" Kai laughed. As Kai and Vaa'nu both laughed Kit said, "Hey, I get you two are having fun and all, but I still need someone to help get me out of here!" "Hey Kit, I've been wanting to ask, is that your actual voice or are you using a voice modifier?" Vaa'nu asked as he helped pull her out. "Well, this may or may not be my actual voice, but I do have a voice modifier inside my helmet." Kit replied. "You literally dodged the entire question Kit." Kai said with a laugh, "Although I expected that you would do that!"

"You know, there's a lot of things we still don't know about you Kit." Vaa'nu said cautiously, then he continued, "How you look, how you actually sound, or where you're really from." "And why you keep avoiding questions that are very easily answered." Vaa'nu ventured. "Maybe I just don't like the fact that you keep questioning me like I'm some kind of prisoner." Kit growled. "Okay so, who wants some dinner?" Kai said, trying to stop them from arguing even more before things escalated.

"Hey Kit, is that your glowy-sword thing?" Kai asked, trying to get them off topic. "Actually Kai, that's called a lightsaber, a traditional lightsaber is depicted as a luminescent laser sword about three feet in length emitted from a metal hilt around 10.5 inches in length." Kit replied. "Well, now look who's a talker!" Vaa'nu said sarcastically. "Uhm, hey Kit, lets go and eat in the kitchen!" Kai said quickly, trying to cool down the situation before it got even worse. "No, I wanna hear what Vaa'nu has to say." Kit said angrily, crossing her arms. "Good, because I want you to know that you're a piece of bantha fodder, you're someone who can't be trusted at all, and you hide who you are even from us!" Vaa'nu yelled angrily. "And you're just a good-for-nothing nerf-herder, you act like a Kowakian monkey-lizard, and you're the nosiest person I have ever met, you can't keep yourself out of everyone else's personal business!" Kit retorted. "What's going on here you two-" Rel got cut off. "I can't stand you!" Kit yelled angrily. "Sometimes I seriously doubt if you even trust anyone, you keep so much hidden from everyone even if it could be a life or death situation, , you're just as bad as the Sith!" Vaa'nu said rudely, although he quickly regretted his statement. "Kit, I-I didn't mean that, I'm sorry." Vaa'nu apologized. "No, it's fine, clearly you've said enough." Kit said as she turned and walked away. "Kit..." Rel said sincerely. "No, I just need to be alone right now." Kit said before she went invisible. "I shouldn't have said anything to her, now she's mad at me." Vaa'nu said sadly. "Yep." Kai said. "Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Vaa'nu asked, slowly turning his head to face Kai. "Nah, man you really messed up this time." Kai chuckled. "Wow Kai, I can't believe you." Vaa'nu said sarcastically while shaking his head. "Hey Rel, what was all the commotion earlier?" Ashi asked. "Kit and Vaa'nu got into a fight, and it uhm, it didn't end very well." Rel said. "So who won, Kit or Vaa'nu?" Ashi asked with a smirk, "My bet's on Kit!" She laughed. "Neither of them." Rel replied. "Huh, that's weird." Ashi mumbled. "What, the fact neither of them won?" Rel asked. "No, the weird thing is the sensor here says that the Solarbeam just launched from the ship, but it must just be a malfunction." Ashi said, tapping on the screen. "That's no malfunction." Rel said worriedly, as she ran towards the docking spot for the Solarbeam. "Kit, what are you doing on the Solarbeam?!" Rel yelled to Kit through the comlink. "Sorry Rel, but I have to do this." Kit replied. "Get back here now!" Rel yelled, "Kit!" But it was too late, Kit had just hyperspace jumped away on the Solarbeam. "Rel what happened?" Ashi asked through the comlink. "Ashi, find me wherever the Solarbeam is headed." Rel said.

(Where am I..?) (The last thing I remember was sitting in the Solarbeam...) *Help me!* (Where are you, and who are you?) *She is within our grasp...* (That was the Inquisitor's voice!) *Kit, stay behind me!* (Was that Rel?) *Look out!* (What's happening?!) "Agh!" Kit yelled, jumping out of her seat, her heart pounding, and her mind racing through everything she just saw. "Was all that just my imagination..?" "But it felt so real..." Kit murmured, "I guess I just need a little assurance in all this..." "It's time to go...home." Kit said just as the ship dropped out of hyperspace. "This is landing sector G1-R5, what is your clearance code?" A man said over the transmitter. "I am requesting clearance to land on bay 5-B74, my clearance code is F 1-419, and security chip has just been activated for ship scan." Kit replied. "You have been approved for landing." The man said, "We've been expecting you." Quickly, she took the armor parts on her legs and arms, keeping the chestplate on and switched her helmet with a hood that covered her face, and put on a beautiful blue gemstone necklace, which seemed to glow in the light. As she opened the door and walked out, she then saw one of the Grand Council members walking towards her. "Great, now I'm late." She mumbled. "We have been expecting you." He said, "Now come, we must hurry." "Of course." She said. Walking down the hall, Kit asked, "Which room is she in?" "Take a left, and enter the first door on the hallway." He answered, then he walked away. As she continued walking, she then came upon the first door. With a deep breath, she thought, "Just stay calm." Then she walked through the door. "I guess I'm a little late for the appointment." Kit thought. "Kit, please, sit." A woman said, as she began turning around. Kit sat down, her eyes now looking upon her mother. "It's good to see you, Kit." Her mother said. "H-have you found anything?" She asked, with a hopeful look in her eyes. "No, I'm sorry mother, but I think that I may have a lead." Kit said, her eyes blazing with determination and hope, "She's alive, mother." "You're completely sure..?" She replied hesitantly, "S-she's alive?" "Yes mother, she's alive, but her location is kept hidden from everyone..." Kit replied. "What is keeping us from finding her?" She asked. "The Dark Side, mother, I think she..." Kit stopped. "No... She can't be." She said sadly, as she began to cry. "I'm so sorry mother." Kit said, tears beginning to form on her eyes. "We may be too late." Kit said with a lump in her throat. "No... I-i refuse to believe that." She said, "You haven't seen her yet, it may not be too late to save her...from herself." "You're right mother." Kit said, wiping her eyes before the tears could fall. "We may still have a chance." Kit said, her determination re-igniting, "It's not too late."

"Have you located Kit's transponder beacon?" Rel said worriedly. "Not yet, but don't worry Rel, we'll find her." Kai replied. "Uhm, I'm not so sure about that Kai..." Vaa'nu said, holding up the ripped out beacon from the Solarbeam. "Wherever she went, she sure didn't want us to follow her." Ashi said, showing Rel and Kai the broken tracker they had placed on the Solarbeam a few minutes before Kit left, "She must have found the tracker and broken it so we couldn't go after her." "Wait, you guys knew she would leave?" Kai asked. "Well...I had a feeling she would try to leave the Eclipse and go somewhere." Rel replied, "So I put a tracker just in case." "Great job Vaa'nu." Kai said sarcastically, turning to look at Vaa'nu. "Hey!" Vaa'nu replied. "I'll need some time, but I could use the holocron to see if I can find Kit's location." Rel offered. "Okay, but please hurry, we don't know what kind of trouble Kit's gotten into." Ashi replied. As Rel walked over to her room to grab the holocron to meditate, Ashi, Kai, and Vaa'nu followed her. "Is she doing it yet?" Kai said. "Shh!" Ashi said, "She needs to concentrate." "Oh okay." Kai said. "Hey, move so I can see!" Vaa'nu said. "This takes all her focus." Ashi said. "Shouldn't there be more...well you know, glowy Jedi stuff?" Kai asked. "Can you guys be quiet?!" Rel shouted impatiently. "I need to use the force to seek counsel from the past jedi, so then they can reveal where Kit is by using the holomap." Rel said, starting to calm down. "So. Be. Quiet." Rel whispered loudly. "Okay, okay." Kai said. "Jeez, no need to be so mad about it Rel." Vaa'nu responded. "Guys, she said quiet!" Ashi whispered loudly. "Ugh." Rel groaned, clicking the button on the side of the doorway to close the door.

"Where do you think she is right now?" Kai asked Vaa'nu. "I have no idea, maybe she went back to Naboo, she could have gone to Hoth, Corusant, Mon Cala, Tattooine, or maybe even to Utapau or Dagobah , we have no idea where she is." Vaa'nu replied, looking at the radar for any incoming ships emerging from hyperspace. "Why would Kit want go somewhere like Mon Cala or Dagobah?" Kai asked, laughing. "Can you two keep it down over there?!" Sera yelled from her room, "I'm TRYING to take a nap!" "Sorry Sera!" Vaa'nu yelled back, now looking at the door, not hearing the small beeps that came from the radar. "Hey Vaa'nu, you know what would be funny?" Kai asked. "What is it?" Vaa'nu asked cautiously. "It'd be really funny if I made as much noise as possible in front of Sera and Rel's rooms." Kai said, grabbing two large frying pans and heading slowly towards the door. "Oh no, Kai don't you dare!" Vaa'nu whispered. 💥BOOM!💥 Suddenly, the entire ship shook. "Hey I have a suggestion," Ashi yelled sarcastically, "Get to the guns and shoot those TIEs off us before we get burnt to a crisp!" "On it!" Vaa'nu yelled. "I'll take the nose gun!" Rel yelled back, as she ran out from her room towards the cockpit. "No fair!" Kai yelled as he tumbled towards the side cannon controls. 💥 BOOM!💥 "Woah!" Kai yelled as he fell towards the ground, just barely catching himself before he hit the floor, "Where did these guys come from?!" "Incoming!" Ashi yelled, "Rel, you got one moving towards you on your six!" "Gottem!" Rel replied, as she shot them down. "More TIEs incoming!" Vaa'nu yelled. "Let's see how Kit's new weapons upgrade can deal with that lightcruiser!" Kai yelled, looking towards the light cruiser that just emerged from hyperspace behind asteroid belt, and was taking a attack position behind them. "Great, now what are we gonna do?!" Kai yelled.

"Hey Scorch, we'll arrive there in around an hour and a half." Kit said, stroking the Zorisian flamewing, Scorch's soft, fluffy reddish-orange fur, as she laid comfortably on Kit's lap. "Wait a minute... how am I going to explain how I got you on here?" Kit said, now realizing that she would either have to tell them where she went and how she got Scorch there, or, have to sneak her onto the ship, all the way to Kit's room, which she put a massive amount of security to ensure no one but her could get inside, so no one but Kit had actually seen what it looked like inside. "Well it looks like I'm sneaking you aboard Scorch!" Kit said with a smile. "This is going to be a terrible idea." Kit thought. "Oops!" Kit said, grabbing her helmet and armor, "I almost forgot to put this back on!" She laughed, putting on the rest of her armor. "I might as well take a nap though." She said as she set down her helmet beside her, looking at Scorch snoozing happily on her lap. "Sleep well Scorch." Kit said with a yawn. <Kit where are you when we need you?> "Ashi..?" Kit asked, "What's happening..?" <Look out!> "Kai..?" Kit said, "Where are you..?" <Ahh!> "Rel, are you okay..?!" Kit yelled, "Wake up, wake up!" Kit jumped up, Scorch, startled by Kit's outburst, sprang up and started running around, yelping. "Scorch, calm down, it's fine!" Kit said. Stopping slowly, Scorch moved closer to Kit and looked up at her. "Reow?" Scorch seemed to ask, "are you okay?" to Kit. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine Scorch, I was just a little startled." Kit said. "Dropping out of hyperspace." Kit said as she put on her helmet, beginning to slow the ship, Kit said, "I've got a bad feeling about this."

"Well, if this is how I go, I'm going down fighting!" Ashi yelled, moving the ship to face towards the lightcruiser, and yelled, "Hold on everyone!" "Uhh, guys?" Kai said. "What now?" Vaa'nu asked. "We have another ship incoming!" He yelled, pointing towards the beeping radar. "Great, what else could possibly go wrong?!" Rel yelled. "Wait a minute..." Kai said. "It's Kit!?" He yelled in disbelief.

"What the-" Kit said, "Dank farrik, what'd they do this time?" <Hey Ashi, you might wanna move away from that cruiser.> Kit said through the radio. <You got it!> Ashi replied as she steered away from the lightcruiser, which was still moving towards them at a steady pace. "Ashi, why'd you change our heading?" Vaa'nu asked. "Kit said to get as far away from the lightcruiser for some reason, and plus, the weapons system took a beating, and it'll take a while to fix it." Ashi replied. "O-kay...wait, Kit?!" Vaa'nu said, surprised, running towards the back gun to view the solarbeam. "This place is gonna blow!" Kit whooped as she put the solarbeam on attack mode, moving the four side panels on the outer shell and twisting them backwards and moving them to face the front of the ship, forming a cross shape. "Woohoo!" Kit said, charging up the ion cannon, 💥BOOM!💥 The cannon fired at a concentrated point in-between the four smaller lasers, to form a giant concentrated ion beam, absolutely destroying all 355.424 yards of the large ship.

<Heading back in now!> Kit said over the radio. <You're all clear for docking Kit.> Ashi replied. The doors made a *☁️Hiss☁️* sound as they opened, and as Kit walked through the airlock she turned and whispered to Scorch, "Stay, and don't make a sound, okay?" Kit closed the solarbeam's hatch to keep scorch from running around, then she turned around and began heading toward the cockpit when she was stopped by Vaa'nu yelling, "Kit!" Kit stopped and turned her head slightly, but not enough to see him fully, Vaa'nu continued saying, "I-i'm so sorry Kit...I didn't mean to hurt your feelings with what I said earlier, it was rude of me, and I shouldn't have talked to you like that." "It's fine." Kit replied. "No, it isn't, I still shouldn't have been so careless, and I should have shut my mouth before I said that, you know I didn't mean what I said." Vaa'nu said apologetically. "I'm so, so sorry." He said, looking up at Kit. "It's fine." Kit said, turning to face Vaa'nu, "I just... needed some time to think, is all." As she began to walk forwards again, she said, "I forgive you Vaa'nu." "Hey Kit!" Ashi said, noticing her walking into the cockpit. "So, how's it going?" Ashi asked awkwardly. "Oh, you know, the usual, blowing up lightcruisers, hyperspace jumping from galaxy to galaxy, that kind of thing." Kit replied with a shrug. "How exactly, did you blow up the lightcruiser?" Rel asked, "The solarbeam is a transport ship, not a battle ship, and the only real weapons on it are small cannons, we haven't exactly added any weapons on there that can destroy a battleship with ease, not even the eclipse (which is technically a small battleship,) can do that, and also, how did we not pick up any weapons modifications on it?" Ashi asked, holding a wrench and waving it around for extra emphasis. "Meh." Kit said, shrugging her shoulders, "I guess I'm a better engineer than you give me credit for." She said, walking away.

"Okay Scorch, you can come out now." Kit said, opening the door. "Stay quiet, and don't get spotted." She said sternly, looking at Scorch. "Reow, reow!" Scorch said in (somehow,) a sassy tone, as if saying, "If anything, you're the one who's gonna get spotted first, not me!" "Well, if you're gonna be like that, then no treats today." Kit replied. "And if you must know, I've upgraded my armor." She said, pressing a button on her wrist, turning herself invisible. "Just follow my scent, missus grumpy." Kit said jokingly. "Rumph!" Scorch grumbled, as if saying, "Show off."

"Prepping the jump to hyperspace." Ashi said, flicking the knobs and switches to input the jump coordinates. "And now we're off!" She said. <Kit, come in, are the weapons systems fully operational?> Ashi asked through the commlink. <Almost got it, but the ship was also damaged on the outside, so we're gonna need to land somewhere for repairs.> Kit replied. <Good, we're heading to Malastare for some repairs then.> Ashi replied, <It's pretty close by to Naboo, so we should be there soon.> <Good.> Kit replied.

"Here we are Scorch, my room." Kit said, turning un-invisible and pointing at the door. "Reow row reow meow?" Scorch asked. "Can we go in now, you mean?" Kit said. "Sure thing, but first I need to unlock the door." Kit said, looking around before typing in three passwords to unlock panels which also required passcodes to reveal the button to open the door, which then unlocks the blast doors plated in pure beskar, revealing what looked to be an endless void which Kit fazed through, and after she walked through, the panels re-cover the button. "Reow!?" Scorch yelped, unexpectedly being dragged in by something on the other side.

"Kai, get over here!" Ashi yelled. "Kai, have you seen Kit or Sera?" Ashi asked Kai, who just walked into the cockpit. "I thought she was with you." Kai replied, "I haven't seen Kit since she got out of the Solarbeam and was talking to Vaa'nu, and I haven't seen Sera since she yelled at me and Vaa'nu about wanting to take a nap right before the fight with the lightcruiser." "Did Kit seriously leave again?" Ashi mumbled, "No, cause I saw on the control panel that the Solarbeam still docked, and also she couldn't have left the Eclipse without leaving mid-jump.....but then, where is she?" "I don't know." Kai said, shrugging his shoulders. "But what I do know, is that I'm hungry." He said, turning to go to the galley but then he turned, stopped and said, "You want me to bring you anything Ashi?" "No, I'm good for now." She replied, "And if you find Kit, tell her Rel wants to talk with her." "I guess that means she's in big trouble!" Kai laughed as he exited the cockpit. <Kit?> Ashi asked on the commlink, <You there?> <Yep, I'm here.> Kit replied. <Where are you?> She asked. <Uhm...That's non-important, but I did finish the weapons repairs, and we're all good to go!> Kit replied. <Good, we'll be emerging from hyperspace in three minutes.> Ashi said, <Oh yeah, and Rel wants to talk to you.>

"Hey Scorch, do you like your new bed?" She said, looking over at the fluffy orange lump on the top of the cushioned pillar. "Raow!" Scorch yapped happily, lifting her head from the seemingly bottomless pile of fluff. "I just noticed that the color of the cushion makes you look like a big fluffy pile." Kit laughed. "Okay Scorch, don't break anything, I'll be right back." Kit said, heading towards the door. "Stay." Kit said, closing the door behind her. "What'cha doin?" Sera said, jumping in front of Kit from out of knowhere. "Sera, where where you the whole time?" Kit asked, unfazed by Sera's attempt to scare her. "I was taking a nap when I heard us land, I think my brother started yelling at Ashi about seatbelts..? Anyways, then I heard Rel coughing like a maniac and Kai and Vaa'nu laughing of course, I think the ship landed somewhere again, I'm pretty sure I heard someone arguing with somebody else, but then I heard some more yelling from what sounded like you and Vaa'nu, then Kai and Vaa'nu were yelling outside my door and they really must have wanted to get me up because they kept shaking the ship, but I just slept through it all." She replied with a smirk. "So you slept through the whole thing?!" Kit said in disbelief. "Yep, pretty much." Sera replied. "Sera, the boys weren't shaking the ship, you guys were in a fight with a lightcruiser, and I had to come in and save the day, again." Kit said, shaking her head. "Ohh." Sera said, "Ohh!" "Seriously?!" Sera yelled in disbelief, "I missed all that?!" "But I was only asleep for a couple minutes...And how did you destroy the lightcruiser?" Sera grumbled. "Sera, you were napping for seven hours!" Kit said, making Sera jump at her sudden outburst. "Ohh, yeah, that makes sense." Sera said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go see Rel." Kit said, walking around her. "Kai!!!" Sera yelled, "You better tell me what went on around here mister!" "Oh no." Kai said, hearing the sound of stomping feet coming closer towards him, turning to face his sister, Sera, Kai started, "Hey sis, what's-" "Nuh uh!" Sera said, cutting Kai off mid sentence. Sera continued, "You better tell me everything that happened while I was napping, and if this is a long story, you better get real comfy, cause you ain't moving til you're done giving me every single teensy, weensy, little, miniscule detail of whatever happened while I was out." "Ugh, fine!" Kai said. "Spill it!" Sora said impatiently. "Okay okay!" Kai said, "Here's how it all started..."

Thank you for reading. :) The rest of the story is currently in progress, follow me for more information on the story if you are interested. :D


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