Felicity Alexis

Felicity Alexis

Voice-Over Artist!

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About Felicity Alexis

Hi! I'm Felicity: I do voice-over work, sound engineering & design, music composition and arrangement, and scriptwriting!

I've been a voice actor since 2021, with my first (virtual) convention appearance taking place at Casa Con 2021 and my first leading voice-over role taking place in 2022. I also recorded leading vocals (and wrote lyrics) for global metal band Ape Man Theory's "Take the Wheel" (released in 2023).

In addition to voice-acting: I also sing! My current range is E3 to E5 (around the Mezzo-Soprano range) and I can do multiple styles, from classic musical theatre to pop punk to alternative.

What Felicity Alexis is looking for

I love indie video games and visual novels, podcast/radio shows, animated shorts, movies, etc.! So much fun helping someone bring their passion project to life.