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About FD1Gamer

I'm a Video Editor with more than 4 years of experience with Davinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro. I usually like to  make Minecraft Machinimas on my own time and I also dabble in voice acting for any type of animated content and will also do ADR if necessary (If I have any time for either that is). 

Fun fact about me: I play three instruments and I'm kind of new to singing but I understand prequesites needed for it.

If your wondering on how I record my audio for voice overs and vocals, I use a USB condenser microphone in a small accosted room and then I process my audio in adobe audition or audacity (sometimes)  and I put all my lines together in premiere pro and then send it as a .wav file. 

(.Wav is a common uncompressed audio format that does not lose audio quality or file size when exported).

I also forgot to mention that I do graphic design like making thumbnails or making a cover image  and photoshopping almost anything. I'm just not good at making hand drawn illustrations/drawings so sorry.  :( 

I also know all the basics of writing a screenplay I just don't think writing is a passion I enjoy yet so I might not be able to help yet with that at least not yet.