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About Farinz

Hello and welcome to my profile!

I've always had a fascination for movies, series, overall any good show, and because of that I have great interest in everything that involves film-making, challenging myself into making good stories or give life to a character with my voice.


I am able to perform in four languages - English, portuguese, spanish and french.

Example of an animation I made and voice-acted 2 characters,

Joseph (english) and the Spy (french): Video here

My biggest voice acting job, a great action animation: "Like White on Spy" by Crash Maul: Video here

Other works I've done can be found on this playlist here.

Directing and story writing

I've previously created and directed my biggest project so far named: "NISLT - Unusual Redemption", 

It took 3 years to be completed and I've earned good experience with it.

Video editing

I have experience from editing to my youtube channel and to another known TF2 channel named "NISLT". 

I've always used Vegas pro 14.


My main and only tool is Source Filmmaker available on the Steam platform.
Feel free to check my channel to see my works.


MXL Mics 770 Cardioid Condenser

  • @steaky

    This man, yes. This man right here has given me so much opportunities, and provided even MORE. He is a great friend & ''boss''. I dont know where i would be today if not for him. [Video slightly outdated from todays work]