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About ExtremeEnigma90

Hello everyone this is ExtremeEnigma90 here! And welcome to my Casting Call! I'm a guy that's been a YouTuber for over 8 years and only have over 2.5K subscribers. I play video games, make animations, and do reactions on my channel. I'm 22, My interests are Five Nights at Freddy's, Professional Wrestling, Animating, videogames, video editing, and most importantly voice acting!

I have many passions for anything with videogames or technology!

What ExtremeEnigma90 is looking for

I work on Five Nights at Freddy's and Sonic The Hedgehog stuff for Voice Acting and Animating. I want do voice acting to show my talents of voice characters and if I end up retiring from animating, I can always have voice acting to do so I don't seem like I'm doing nothing. I joined casting call to share projects of SFM animations that require voice actors (possible music composers, story writers, and decent animators), also to audition for voice acting roles for other people's projects if I see a role I believe I can do.