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Tina Daniels

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About Tina Daniels

Tina Daniels is an Oklahoma based voice actor who specializes in audio fiction, but is looking to branch into more areas of voice over.


Though her most notable role is as Wilder in Moonbase Theta, Out, she's had appearances in The Beacon, Greater Boston, and several other shows.

She usually records remotely, and is available for synchronous & asynchronous sessions, and live and self directed work.**

If you need someone to play the girl next door, the socially awkward friend, or sarcastic co-worker, get in touch!   Also, very proficient in both sides of the customer service/ Karen coin, and always happy to put those to good use. 

All of my information, along with links, credits, and studio specs, are available here.

**Benefits of working with her include, free of charge, the occasional guest appearance from one of four cats.

Quirky Voices - 2020

Voice Acting Foundations

Instructed by Sarah Golding

Skillshub Acting - 2023

Start it! VO/VA

Instructed by Jennifer Hale
Skillshub Acting - 2023

Where's the Work? Forging a Career in VO/VA

Instructed by Emma Sherr-Ziarko
Skills Hub Acting - 2023

Step Up To The Mic

Instructed by Arif S Kinchen
Skillshub Acting - 2024

What's a Good Fit For Me?

Instructed by Jennifer Kay

 Generally, my rates are 100-150 per hour, or $3 per line. Depending on the project, or circumstances, I'm open to discussing it.

What Tina Daniels is looking for

Audio fiction shows, video games, commercial work. I'm open to most anything, but most of my experience thus far is in audio fiction.