Aspiring professional voice actor with eighteen years of acting/singing experience and training. 

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About ESheeran

Developing my love of acting from an early age, I always sought out opportunities to perform and portray many different characters and stories in various ways. My appreciation for voice acting in particular, combined with the fact that it didn't limit me to portraying roles that fit my physical appearance, inspired me to pursue voice acting as a career.


$50 per 150 words

$40 per minute of audio

Prices may potentially be negotiated depending on what the project entails. Extra costs required if you would like me to edit my audio as well.

What ESheeran is looking for

At the moment I would like to build up relationships with people either also looking to get into the voice acting industry or individuals already involved in the industry. Please feel free to reach out, I would love to talk and get to know you all!