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About EricaMuse

Muse was a nickname given by her first photographer to later become her professionally adopted last name. At just 8-years-old she fell in love with costumes while watching her father make his own for Halloween, and 12-years-old she began practicing runway watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show. She feels these passions grew due to being bullied in school. When out making costumes, modeling, acting, or performing no one was bullying her. Others were there in her shoes, sharing the same goal and similar dreams. Plus, she could always just be someone else.

Erica originally joined theater in high school to sing in musical theater but had a knack for sewing wardrobe, building sets, and portraying bazaar characters. After her first year, she joined some groups online and began doing work as an extra. It was put on hold for school until she took a bar-tending class years later. The instructor was a videographer looking for extras for music videos. Among them, she worked for Rhymin' N' Stealin' where she became friends with Josh Martin (the voice of Majin Buu from the Dragon Ball franchise). He referred her to Chris Rager's class, where she was advised to attend improvisation classes due to her time away from acting. She graduated from John Casablancas Center, gained agency representation, and began auditioning again.

She enjoys every field in the entertainment industry, but her dream is to voice characters in anime, video games, and cartoons. She believes many people rely on these mediums to make them laugh, learn, or cry, and share those times with friends and family. She wants to be a part of that! In pursuit, she has attended workshops at OkraTron 5000, StarMan Studios, Sonny Strait Studios, and countless convention panels by Funimation and Gearbox talent.