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Ember Janz

I am an actress looking for work and experience! Discord: emberwhat

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About Ember Janz

IEmber Janz was born in British Columbia and grew up in the small town of Chilliwack. She was raised on a farm, giving her lots of connections and experience with animals. Ember did competitive swimming, dance, music, and multiple sports growing up. She got herself on stage whenever she could for talent shows, plays, and competitions. Some of her early achievements include winning song, essay, and speech writing competitions and getting awards for creative excellence. Starting at 13, Ember began traveling around British Columbia doing paid music gigs and busking as well. The largest group she performed for was roughly one million people at a fundraiser. She has released multiple albums as an independent music artist, written a novel called Where The Cuckoos Flock, and wrote a musical called Two Lonely Souls. She got into auditioning for plays in 2019 but unfortunately didn’t get the chance to properly perform because of COVID-19.

Ember did voice-over work for small indie projects online, helping out with as many low-budget jobs as possible.

Ember decided that she wasn’t going to let her career come to a stop, so she enrolled in a two-year acting course at Toronto Film School and graduated in 2024 with a diploma. During her schooling, she played the lead character of Sasha in the short film Sasha, co-directed and produced a short film called Even in Arcadia, and assisted in as many student projects as possible. Ember also played the character Osip in the play The Government Inspector, a Toronto Film School Production.

Toronto Film School - 2024

Acting for Film, Television, and Theatre

Instructed by Hart Massey

Graduated with top honours