Mihai Matei

Mihai Matei

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  • @john-paul-amaya

    I absolutely enjoy him as Boris, he really captured him so well, and the dynamic of the interactions of the characters. I would love to have him and the others back again. Would truly recommend it to him.

  • @john-paul-amaya

    Elyphas-yloh captured one of my characters really well, really a cool person to work with, and the other voice actors. They really mesh well together. I would recommend him!

  • @grandmaphobia

    Very dedicated! Very reasonable. Responsive for months on a large project. Lots of character personality. Fun guy!

  • @whisperingwillow

    I brought Mihai onto a gothic fiction podcast to help with some male roles and he has been fantastic to work with!  Enthusiastic,  great communication,  low noise floor and very talented!  You can hear how passionate he is when listening to his work.  I am so thrilled to have him as part of my team!

  • @deleted780284

    I've worked with many great people in the past, but I've gotta say, Mihai is truly a hidden gem! I've worked with him for a while now on a few projects and it's been an absolute honor! Mihai is one of the fastest and most reliable people I've had the pleasure to work with, when he's voicing one of the characters it's as if he's synced with the character, he's able to deliver a stunning impression of what I had invisioned with little direction! All I can say is, it is an honor to work with such talent and I look forward to working with him again in the future!