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About EllaHoshi

In relation to voice acting...

I have been interested in a career doing voice acting and voice overs for a very long time, but only recently started to pursue it because of the old restriction of needing to live in or near certain cities to be close to the recording studios. With technology and other things things that have happened the past few years, I have heard many professional voice actors talking about having to set up home studios and working from home and it gave me the hope and motivation I needed to start seriously pursuing it.

Most of my experience has been doing voice acting for my own characters and NPCs in tabletop RPGs, which I started doing in 2014 and has been almost completely improv. The only exceptions so far being script I wrote myself for NPCs in my homebrew campaigns, and even that is often heavily improvised. I also have some experience performing live through drama/performing arts and dance classes from middle and high school, as well has helping with writing skits and directing for a local youth drama group back when I was in college.

I am currently part of a TTRPG that streams on Twitch once a week and uploads the videos to Youtube. So far, I have played four characters, all of which I have given different voices/accents. I also have several other characters in other ongoing TTRPG campaigns that do not stream or record for audiences, though I still give each character their own voice.

My other hobbies that may or may not be related...

Aside from playing tabletop roleplaying games, I am also interested in listening to audiobooks and podcasts, reading books, watching anime, playing video games, cosplay, playing board games, and increasing my skills in an ever-growing list of a large variety of arts and crafts.

What EllaHoshi is looking for

I tend to prefer working on projects that are part of podcasts, audio books/dramas, and/or games, though I would be willing to work on other types of projects.

I prefer projects that do not have a lot of foul language as I do not swear.

  • 2022 Voice Actor/Actress (Orilyn Favyre, Vaira, Fang, and Uzuki Maki-e)