Elena Anderson

Elena Anderson

Professional Voice Actor & Audiobook Narrator

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About Elena Anderson

Hi there! I am a classically trained theater actor, voiceover artist, and audiobook narrator.  I have voiced characters for over 50 titles with the audio drama production company GraphicAudio - including the Red Rising Saga and The Murderbot Diaries. I've also narrated several solo audiobooks, with more on the horizon. Follow me on IG (@elena.anderson.vo) to stay up-to-date on my projects, and listen to samples of my work here: https://www.elena-anderson.com/voiceover-samples

I've been training in various acting styles and mediums for the last 15 years, from stage to screen to behind the mic. I have a particular love for Shakespeare, musical theater, and stage combat, and am a certified Intermediate Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to know more!

Theatre Lab - 2023

Video Game Voice Acting

Instructed by Wes Johnson

The Catholic University of America - 2021

Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Acting

Instructed by

Received 3 years of classical training in advanced acting styles/techniques.

University of Virginia - 2017

Bachelor of Arts in Drama & History

Instructed by

I am always happy to negotiate based on the project's budget and needs! But for some points of reference, my usual rates are:

$1 - $3 per line (if I record on my own) OR $50 - 150 per hour (for directed sessions) 

$250 - $350 per finished hour (PFH) of audio for projects where I am expected to deliver fully edited/mastered files

What Elena Anderson is looking for

While most of my training has been in theater, I have successfully branched out into audiobook narration and am looking forward to continuing to explore that realm. I would also like to further expand my experience and skills to voice acting for video games, animation, podcasts, and more!

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    Dionysia did a great job in bringing Nessa to life. Professional and easy to work with, the whole process was smooth.