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PeterDavi VO

Doing this is a hobby, but if I can make it into a career that would be my dream

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About PeterDavi VO

Hey Everyone, my name is Peter and I've just started my voice acting journey. I've always loved the funimation dubs of my favorite animes like dragon ball z and full metal alchemist. Those really got me into having the dream of one day becoming a voice actor. My ultimate goal would be to take part in an english dub of an anime for funimation. But honestly, just showing my kids that their dad's voice is in something that they're watching would be a huge joy for me. Look forward to working with you all.


I charge based on the non-union rate guide, but am always open to discuss pricing. My main goal is to get my voice out there and bring life to your characters. 

What PeterDavi VO is looking for

Honestly, at this point I'd just like to take part in anything, and this still holds true a year later. I'm looking to grow as a voice actor, and I can only do that with more and more projects that I participate in. My favorite things to voice are villains or anime characters!