Experienced voice actress in radio and video games, seeking roles for fun and profit (but mostly fun).

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About Vocals-A-Plenty

Featured in-

Video Game Mods:

Fallout 4: America Rising 2- Legacy of the Enclave, November 2023
Ghoul 2

Fallout 4: CSEP Presents Brothers in Arms 2, August 2023

Fallout 4: Northern Springs, August 2023

Fallout 4: Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 3, August 2023
Injured Gunner/Air Support/NLTC Clerk/HQ Worker

The Dark Side Radio Hour, KAAD-LP 103.5, Sonora, CA, 2020-2021
Hostess ("Queen Marlena Midnight")

Mother Lode Idol, Semifinalist, 2011 and 2012


There Will Be Brawl, 2009
Toadette Brawler (credited as Ellie "Yo Yo Girl" Harper)


School Spirit, CSU Northridge Student Recreation Center, 2008
Captain Matador

What Vocals-A-Plenty is looking for

My name is Elizabeth Harper and my dream is to be the next Tara Strong; in other words, I want to be extremely prolific, in roles that showcase my range.