Versatile Musician + Voice Actor: Bringing Characters to Life with Immersive Performances
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Sean is an experienced voice actor with a passion for audio engineering, music recording, and immersive character portrayal. With 5+ years of experience in audio engineering and music production, Sean operates his own professional studio, delivering top-notch sound quality for himself and his clients.

Specializing in Role Play Video Games, Sean excels in bringing characters to life through distinct voices, accents, and authentic reactions. His ability to immerse himself in a character's mindset creates believable performances. Whether heroic, villainous, or hilarious, Sean captivates audiences, breathing life into virtual worlds.

Beyond gaming, Sean has showcased his dynamic voice and presence as a former college radio DJ, captivating listeners with his charismatic delivery and smooth vocal style. He has delivered numerous speeches as class president, leaving lasting impressions with confident and articulate presentations. In school he was well known for giving the morning announcements each day. Sean skillfully delivers information with professionalism and approachability.

With a well-rounded skill set and a passion for storytelling, Sean seeks opportunities to lend his voice to diverse projects. From character acting to radio-worthy delivery and impactful speeches, Sean is a versatile voice actor ready to bring your project to life.


working with budgets depending on weight of project and my personal interest in it

What THAT WEIRD KID is looking for

I am open to almost anything, but bear in mind my greatest strengths lend me to jobs like the following:

Animation or Game Character Acting (i am able to mix my voice and add foley to create different rooms or environments)

I am able to scream, yell, cry, or make noises that would otherwise be too loud for some people to record

Silly or serious Roles

Rock or Electronic Songs and Jingles with or without vocals

Silly Accents