Amateur VA! He/Him, 20 years old! | PFP: @haru_heartie

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About Duck_isICONIC

Hello! My name is Duck, I go by he/him pronouns, and am a young adult (20). I am an amateur voice actor!

My discord is Duck#7942 
My Instagram is @duck_isiconic

Danganronpa: All or Nothing (Ryoguchi Sitsumei + Nokuma) (Ongoing!)

Danganronpa: Hourglass (Mitsou Sakamoto + Monokuma) (Ongoing!)
Danganronpa: Despair Revival (Akio Kana + Toshiro Masato) (Ongoing!)

Danganronpa: Project E (Akira Matsumoto) (Ongoing!)
Voices of Wynn (Caravan Driver +  Ankou) (Old quality)


I do anything!! I don't have any real charging rates, but I am looking for more paid gigs. If I really enjoy your project, I will do free! :)

What Duck_isICONIC is looking for

ANYTHING as long as I am comfortable with it! 

  • @royalcherry

    A truly needed huge shoutout to Duck for assisting me. He helped me mold an create a voice and personality of a character for one of my personal projects. Duck has a large range of tones and a variety of different voices that really helped and made my project absolutely wonderful! Not to mention their vocal range is quite impressive both for voice acting, and singing. The work ethic and communication during the entirety of the project were off the charts. And he was such a kind, wonderful person to add! Thank you so, so very much Duck!