CEO Kiyo

CEO Kiyo

Hey there! You can call me Kiyo! My pronouns are He/Bro/Xe. Using any of them is fine!

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About CEO Kiyo

Please note: I am an adult with a speech disorder called Rhotacism and have taken steps to consciously start correcting it. I don't want to feel as if it's a defining factor in my voice acting capabilities.

I have a lot of passion in what I do and my passions mean a lot to me. I just hope that one day I can get experience and growth, as I also have begun to dip my toes in freelancing. All of the details can be found here:

What CEO Kiyo is looking for

I've always wanted to act/voice act since forever. I'm looking for both free and paid roles, and I'm okay with both original projects and fan projects (if I know the media.)